Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Sket One MAD*L

For those who don't know next month OCT. 25th will be the biggest collection of custom MAD*L's to date. The show being called MAD*L Citizens is being held at the awesome LiFt in Detroit. I have participated in a few of their Munny shows, and D-lux and the rest of their crew has been great to me. So if your in the area check this out.

Anyway its been awhile since I have seen anything new from Sket One. But I just seen this posted at Vinyl Pulse. Here is Sket One's Hemi Cuda MAD*L, this is a 10" MAD*L. This thing is sick, the engine looks awesome, and the colors with the Hemi logo running down the MAD*L is great. I will be sure to post more from this show as they pop up.

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