Wednesday, September 17, 2008


So I was visiting Toysrevil and this is the first post that was up today. So I look over it and look at that, RSINART, is in the name of artist I totally forgot about this show. I remember saying I would participate. But here is the info taken from that site.

An update for the November 15th PREMIERE VANCOUVER CUSTOMSTYLES '08 group customs show [tagged] from Holochron of Elektrik Puha Studios - featuring a coupla spanking new pre-flyers: image-left being a collab between Camilla d'Errico and J3Concepts, image-right from thy Sucklord [click to view originals]

Close to 40 participating artists have been listed thus far, including: Sucklord / Camilla d'Errico / Ben Tour / Ilanena / Cris Rose / TML Stars / Hans Yim / Kerry Lee / J3 Concepts / FAS aka (SELPH_ONE) / Slobot / Galleriedesoto / AW177 / Rsinart / Rotoreject / Pocketwookie / D-LuX / Coreroc / Manga_spawn / Del730 / Laszlo / Brian Colin / NEOBOY corp. / Shimotakimas / Emon Xie / Corey Stewart / Colin Moore / Duke Barstow / Munk One / Creed / Scott AmFreshHaus / Kimberly Cairns / Angela Ling / Judson Beaumont / Bentone / The Noble Savage / Ensoe / Sueme :)

Venue for the show is at Third (434 Homer Street, Vancouver). This is a FREE event with live DJ, art jam, hourly giveaways door prizes, special guests, commemorative tshirts and New Era hats and many other surprises! For full event details (and artist participation conditions - still 3-slots open!), check out the KR-thread and/or Facebook Events page ... and for a preview of what customs to expect, check out the dedicated event flickr-album [custom-shown left is from Sucklord dubbed; "DJ Trooper"]

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