Friday, September 26, 2008

Dok A's Custom Steampunk Fortune Teller

More and more picture of the customs that will be in the MADL Citizens show in Detroit on October 25th have been seen. This one here is from Doktor A who is by far one of the best customizers out there. This guy kills every custom he does. This was taken from Vinylpulse:

"This sweet fortune teller piece sucks us into his universe abuzz with wondrous machinery. The inclusion and execution of cleverly thought out details from the realistic levers and handles to the detailed printed instructions on the top of the device up the awe factor and increase believability. Beyond all that though, the piece is FUN to look at and dream about. Finally, the cherry on top here is that Dok loves his work and it shows in numerous ways including the humorous set of printed fortunes, including the sassy "You will purchase art from an English Man" one. Amazing work."

So if your anywhere near Detroit, you better go check out this awesome show on October 25th at LiFt.

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