Friday, September 26, 2008

Art + Action

As of yesterday I am now a part of this show happening Oct. 17th. I just need my Obama Action Figures so I can get started. I got some some ideas and I think they are sending me 2 of them. After watching whats been happening on the other side of things I am 100% for Obama.

Jailbreak Toys (makers of the Obama Action Figure) will present ART + ACTION at The Showroom NYC on October 17th 2008 (7-11pm / with Brews by Singha Beer).

Contemporary artist greats, such as Mars-1 and Damion Silver, toy designers like Brin Berliner and Brent Jerome Nolasco, as well as graf writers and design mavens from across the country will use unpainted figures of Obama as a blank canvas to project their unique vision of America. 10% of the sale of each figure will go to the artist, with the remainder going to the Obama For America Campaign. Art superstar Ron English will be signing his famous "Abraham Obama" posters (shown-right) at the show.

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