Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Peekaboo Prints!

The fourth installment of the I am 8-bit art is how honoring the golden age of gaming has come and gone but that doesn’t mean it’s completely game over. No sir – BeyondThePocket, Silent Stage Gallery and I am 8-bit have collaborated on a giclee print of PeekaBoo Monster’s Double Bubble Trouble Revisted painting featured in this year’s show. Limited to 25 signed and numbered pieces, the 8” x 8” giclee was printed with 400-year archival inks on museum textured archival 355 gsm heavy stock paper. They are available for sale for $45 (+$5 s/h) @ Beyond the Pocket.

I seen Peekaboo Post this last night, everything coming out of the 8-bit show is awesome. Info thanks to : Vinylpulse.

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