Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Peaceday Drop.

Today 3A released a limited number of this 12.5" Dropcloth Robot. I managed to snag one online when they went up. Stoked.

Bertie Update!

Quick update to the Bertie shipping container. Decals done, more drips, metallic pearl parts. Got some color to do yet, bit of yellow, red, and some roses.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Custom Munnyworld Bub

Finished this Bub DIY from Kidrobot last week. This is part of their new Munnyworld Series of DIY toys. Painted this up in one night, and is currently available. You may contact me if interested. Or if you live in the Philly area this is now at a new shop for emerging artist called NESTOLOGY in King Of Prussia.

Bertie 15" custom.

Here is a custom Bertie Shipping Container I am working on. The owner was using this as a Bank, and asked me to make it functional. So I cut a slot in the head, painted it up. There are still decals and paint that needs to be done, I'd say its half way finished.

Been Awhile.

So sometime durning the past year I went crazy, put on some meds and totally forgot about this blog thing. But since the new year is upon us and I am once again filled with hope and love. I figured this will come back to life, and give me a place to show art, both mine, and those that I love.