Thursday, January 3, 2013

2012 a review.

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Well its been another awesome year.  I am finally getting to that point where I am happy with the work I am putting out.  I continue to grow and learn with each custom.  December 2012 marked 5 years since I first touched a paintbrush, and a DIY vinyl.  Since then I have completed over 400 customs, and participated in many shows with some amazing artist.

One of the main reasons for me being where I am, is that the board members on this forum have given me the chances to explore, and create.  And because of that one big event took place this year, and that was the Agent K dunny release at NYCC.  Again thanks to everyone who came out, and those who have supported me from the start.

I got a ton of work for 2013, and two solo shows planned.  Gonna be a busy year.  To those I owe commissions, I am slowly working on them, I am not one to rush work just to get it out of the way, its coming.   :partyman:

Thanks again.

More can be seen at : Kidrobot Forums

Monday, June 25, 2012

SDCC 2012

Hey everyone, we are less then 3 weeks away from SDCC 2012.  I will finally be making an appearance on the west coast for SDCC.  As of right now I will mainly be at the Dragatomi Booth.  I should have 5-6 customs on display and for sale, along with a few dunny's that I will be selling as I walk around.

Below is a look at some of my work that will be headed out there.

Thursday, April 19, 2012


These post are just my thoughts, the way I see things, and not everyone will agree. Just my views as a growing artist.

Well its been about 5 years since I started painting, sculpting, and finding myself as an artist. I think I am coming into that point that many of the artist before me have gotten to. Recent talks with Scribe, and some other artist about shows, and being involved in everything I could have gotten me thinking.

I think next year I am going to reduce the number of shows I do. At this point they are not worth while to me. The exposure is always nice, but even most shows now days the promotion side of things is lacking. With my work getting better and better, the time involved is a lot more, and that means bigger prices. And when you need to add a 40-50% commission on top that price means its just going to sit there. I will pay shipping and to be shipped back at the end of the show. That's all money lost. To be honest most of my work in the past or current work has not come from someone seeing something at a show, but from self promotion on blogs, or forums. Just some thoughts, I am sure I will still have a good number of shows in 2013, just not jumping on every single one, at least I am going to try not to lol.

That said upcoming shows....

Candy Coated - London Candy Co NYC April 21st
Playsam 500 - Super 7 April 28th
Kidrobot New York - KRNY NYC, May 5th
Most Wanted Art show - 1AM Gallery San Fran May 11th
Boombox - June
Urban Decay 3 - Workhouse Art Center Lorton VA June 2nd
They Came from the Streets 2 - Urban Vinyl Daily - June
SDCC - San Diego CA July 11-14
Munny Show - Jinx in Philly in Aug.
VT3 - Texas - SEP
NYCC - Javitz NYC Oct 11-14
Dcon - Nov
Art Basel - Miami - Dec

Ok I will stop going on for now..... till next time lol.

Thursday, March 8, 2012


So once again I may... try to keep this updated. I kinda hope no one really pays attention to this and I can just use it to write all the shit I want, but I don't want on Facebook.

Been down lately, and for reasons I am unsure. Art is going great, I have been non stop busy for months now. Sure the commissions slowed but I have a list of back work to get through. I think most of my thoughts about art, and being an artist are just becoming a mess from speaking with other artist.

Locally I have no one to do art with or to even talk about art and toys. All my so called friends that used to do art want nothing to do with me now days. Family thinks they are jealous, but I don't know. And when I talk to certain artist all I seem to get is them comparing themselves to others. When I started doing art 5 years ago it was for very simple reasons. My mom had just passed away March 27th, something that to this day I have an extremely hard time dealing with. It was a way for me to forget about what happen, strange how now days I think about her with each piece I complete. I never thought in 5 years I would be where I am, I busted my ass to get here. I spent countless hours in the studio getting better and making a name for myself. I think seeing all these new artist just looking for a handout is ruining the scene and what it used to be.

Idk, just haven't been feeling like I am doing what needs to be done in life. I have been in a constant battle for 4 years on whether or not I should continue my path as an artist or step out and find a job and support my wife and try to give her the life she wants. I really have no other skills, its tough knowing I either need to make it or I failed. 31 now, and way to late to find another thing that I love.

Think I need to take a few weeks off and re focus. Also think I need to find friends that are not artist, the jealousy and things that come with talking with others I hate. Being an artist seems like a lonely place, and its honestly wearing on me a lot.

Thanks everyone that has supported me in the past, and will in the future. I appreciate it. Seeing as we are almost at 6 years since my mom passed I hope I am doing something she is proud of. I miss her....

Thursday, October 13, 2011


This year I will be at booth 876 at NYCC for Friday and Sat. I have about 18 customs and some prints I will be selling. The collabe Qee's will be released at 1pm with a signing by myself and Matt Anderson.

Also giveaway will happen!


Seems all my pictures I had on here are gone. Think this happen when I signed up for google+. Owell. Might try to keep this updated again starting now.


Thursday, March 25, 2010

Whisper Troop.

Custom 10" Teddy Troop for a private collector done up in the Whisper Style.

Cotton Candy

Custom 7" Custom munny for a private collector.

Custom Van Orlax.

Custom Orlax for a friend. Given to his mom as a b-day present. Biggest custom to date, wish I could get another to do. More photos of my work can be viewed Here.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Bertie custom Complete.

Completed Bertie Shipping Container. Cold, Wet, and Dead. Ton of fun working on this, I'd love to do more. Please email me if interested.

Whisper Series 4.

Just a taste of whats coming. I got 5 of these done. Planning on there being a total of 14 plus a chase GT. Also would love to release a print of some sort with these. I will have more post on this as time goes on. Not sure where I will be releasing them yet. STAY TUNED.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Peaceday Drop.

Today 3A released a limited number of this 12.5" Dropcloth Robot. I managed to snag one online when they went up. Stoked.