Thursday, April 19, 2012


These post are just my thoughts, the way I see things, and not everyone will agree. Just my views as a growing artist.

Well its been about 5 years since I started painting, sculpting, and finding myself as an artist. I think I am coming into that point that many of the artist before me have gotten to. Recent talks with Scribe, and some other artist about shows, and being involved in everything I could have gotten me thinking.

I think next year I am going to reduce the number of shows I do. At this point they are not worth while to me. The exposure is always nice, but even most shows now days the promotion side of things is lacking. With my work getting better and better, the time involved is a lot more, and that means bigger prices. And when you need to add a 40-50% commission on top that price means its just going to sit there. I will pay shipping and to be shipped back at the end of the show. That's all money lost. To be honest most of my work in the past or current work has not come from someone seeing something at a show, but from self promotion on blogs, or forums. Just some thoughts, I am sure I will still have a good number of shows in 2013, just not jumping on every single one, at least I am going to try not to lol.

That said upcoming shows....

Candy Coated - London Candy Co NYC April 21st
Playsam 500 - Super 7 April 28th
Kidrobot New York - KRNY NYC, May 5th
Most Wanted Art show - 1AM Gallery San Fran May 11th
Boombox - June
Urban Decay 3 - Workhouse Art Center Lorton VA June 2nd
They Came from the Streets 2 - Urban Vinyl Daily - June
SDCC - San Diego CA July 11-14
Munny Show - Jinx in Philly in Aug.
VT3 - Texas - SEP
NYCC - Javitz NYC Oct 11-14
Dcon - Nov
Art Basel - Miami - Dec

Ok I will stop going on for now..... till next time lol.

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Shannon said...

Fwiw, I just discovered your work via the Lil'g show owe on Spanky Stokes, and now am excited to go check out your pieces in the Urban Decay 3 show right down the street (I'm in DC)- which I didn't even know about before today. So the shows are helping a little :)
Good stuff man. Looking forward to seeing more.