Tuesday, September 30, 2008

BIG Daddy

With Halloween right around the corner, I figured I would post some awesome ideas for costumes. This guy here killed the costume for Big Daddy's from the game Bioshock. Awesome Job.

Best Furniture Ever!

This right here is awesome! Taken from Kotaku

Slipping right under Namco Bandai's legal radar (until right now, we guess), Italian designer QAYOT has made this Pac-Man-like seat. Covered in a stain resistant coated fabric, the Pouf-Man doesn't eat pellets like its gaming counterpart but a square cushion. It's also not yellow. And that's what people think when they hear Pac-Man: Pellets and yellow. Well, that's what we always think. Always.

Pole Position: REMIX

Well I know one of the games I played growing up was Pole Position, I think on the Atari. I remember playing this for long periods of time as a kid with my father. Well they are releasing Pole Position: REMIX for the Iphone and should be on the App Store soon for $9.99. I should be picking my 3g up in about a week, so I will be buying this!

Peekaboo Prints!

The fourth installment of the I am 8-bit art is how honoring the golden age of gaming has come and gone but that doesn’t mean it’s completely game over. No sir – BeyondThePocket, Silent Stage Gallery and I am 8-bit have collaborated on a giclee print of PeekaBoo Monster’s Double Bubble Trouble Revisted painting featured in this year’s show. Limited to 25 signed and numbered pieces, the 8” x 8” giclee was printed with 400-year archival inks on museum textured archival 355 gsm heavy stock paper. They are available for sale for $45 (+$5 s/h) @ Beyond the Pocket.

I seen Peekaboo Post this last night, everything coming out of the 8-bit show is awesome. Info thanks to : Vinylpulse.

Little Big Planet.

Well I finally got my Beta code last night at like 3am. I only got to play around for an hour or two. So far the lvls that Media Molecule included on the Beta are awesome. I played a few of the user made lvls and some were awesome. I also tried to play online with 3 other people. For some reason this part of the Beta wasn't working out the best. I plan on sitting down tonight and trying my hand at the lvl editor. I will post on here with what I come up with. Thanks.

ALSO 1up.com is giving out codes the next 3 days for those who have not got in yet.


Monday, September 29, 2008

Getting Up Part 3.

Here is the last part of the Getting up Video.

Never play Mario Party with this guy!

I have had alot of fun the past few years getting friends together and playing mario party. But one thing I usually lose at is the button pressing games. Pressing A then B in rapid secession to blow something up and I usually fail. But this guy here is the KING of pressing the button A. Check it!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Munny Time!

Well awhile back my g/f painted me a picture of a Koala. So when I saw this I thought of her, plus its a really good custom. Its something I have not seen done before, which is tough with how many customs that come out every week. Please check this out and also visit his site for more pictures and info, thanks.

So tell me alittle about your self?
I get most of my inspirations from things that I love. I am a gamer, so most of my customs are video game related. I first started by customizing Stuffed Koalas. These were Star Wars based, because at the time I found a cool Slurpee Lid I wanted to use for something, and so I made my Darth Vader Koala. After the Koalas I caught the customizing fever. I next went to customizing LEGO Minifigures. The majority of my LEGO customs were Legend of Zelda Customs. There was a break in my customs for about a year. I had to live in Hawaii (poor me :P) for work for 11 months, and I didn't have a lot of access to my supplies. When I got back, I fell into the vinyl scene.

When did you first learn about Munny's?

I learned of Munnys about 2 years ago when I was in Hawaii. I loved the simple shape, and I could see these being made into a bunch of different things. I had to have one.

Is this your First and what was the inspiration, tell me alittle about it?
My first Munny was actually my piranha plant Munny, which you can see here The Koala is actually the mascot for my website http://www.kodykoala.com./ I wanted to dress him up for Halloween, so I guess that was my inspiration.

What type of paint, markers, ect. did you use?

I pretty much use the cheap acrylic paints from WalMart. I mix them to get the desired colors. I also use automotive clear coats on the finished products to keep them looking good.

Are your customs for sale and do you take commissions?
I have actually been toying with the idea of selling my customs, but currently they are for my personal collection. I don't feel that they are good enough to sell. All my work up until now is me practicing and trying to find my style.

Is there a website or contact info for you?
Flickr page.


Video showing off some of the customs from the show last week.


Yoda Lego!

Ok for those of you local to the 610, next week is the Grand Opening of the Lego Store in King Of Prussia. I believe I might be making the trip down to check Master Builder Dan make a Yoda from Legos. Here is some info for those who might want it.

King of Prussia Mall, King of Prussia, PA

· Store will officially open for business on Sept 18
· Grand Opening Celebration Weekend will be Oct 3 – 5
· Master Builder will be Dan
· Model being built will be Yoda
· Master Builder Event happens all 3 days in the JC Penney Court Friday 11 – 7, Saturday 10 – 6, Sunday 11 – 6
· AFOL Volunteers are needed, included at least 1 expert builder who can help Dan actually build the model!
Volunteers will get a special reward at the store!
· On Saturday, Oct 4, the first 300 customers in the store to spend $35 will get a FREE exclusive make & take set of the Liberty Bell, complete with crack and moving clapper! This set is not available for sale.
· On Sunday, Oct. 5, the first 300 customers in the store to spend $35 will get a FREE exclusive child’s size LEGO Store t-shirt, featuring the LEGO Minifigure holding the state flag! This shirt is not available for sale.
· Exclusive sets and t-shirts will also be given out as trivia question prizes by Dan throughout the event at the build site!
· Fans can also enter a raffle in the LEGO Store for a chance to win a $100 LEGO Store Gift Card!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Little Big Planet beta!

So reason main reason I have not been posting the past 2-3 days is I have been on a search for a beta code for Little Big Planet. Seems like there are a few sites that will be giving them out yet. Last night Gamespot released theirs, I have yet to recieve an email. But sites like IGN.com and 1up.com are still supposed to release codes. I have had my ps3 since launch and for me this is the only game that can save the system. I can't wait to see what kind of crazy creative lvls I can build. If anyone out there has a second working beta code, send it my way and I will hook you up with some free stuff.


Check out the video for Alex Pardee's Treeple. I watched this a few days back and wanted to post it I have just been busy.

Dok A's Custom Steampunk Fortune Teller

More and more picture of the customs that will be in the MADL Citizens show in Detroit on October 25th have been seen. This one here is from Doktor A who is by far one of the best customizers out there. This guy kills every custom he does. This was taken from Vinylpulse:

"This sweet fortune teller piece sucks us into his universe abuzz with wondrous machinery. The inclusion and execution of cleverly thought out details from the realistic levers and handles to the detailed printed instructions on the top of the device up the awe factor and increase believability. Beyond all that though, the piece is FUN to look at and dream about. Finally, the cherry on top here is that Dok loves his work and it shows in numerous ways including the humorous set of printed fortunes, including the sassy "You will purchase art from an English Man" one. Amazing work."

So if your anywhere near Detroit, you better go check out this awesome show on October 25th at LiFt.

Gears Of War, Best Buy Pre-order

Just seen that in you walk into Best Buy after Oct. 5th and pre-order Gears of War 2 Limited Edition you will get a remote control version of a Centaur tank for free! This has yet to be confirmed, but if its true thats a great pre-order bonus.

Art + Action

As of yesterday I am now a part of this show happening Oct. 17th. I just need my Obama Action Figures so I can get started. I got some some ideas and I think they are sending me 2 of them. After watching whats been happening on the other side of things I am 100% for Obama.

Jailbreak Toys (makers of the Obama Action Figure) will present ART + ACTION at The Showroom NYC on October 17th 2008 (7-11pm / with Brews by Singha Beer).

Contemporary artist greats, such as Mars-1 and Damion Silver, toy designers like Brin Berliner and Brent Jerome Nolasco, as well as graf writers and design mavens from across the country will use unpainted figures of Obama as a blank canvas to project their unique vision of America. 10% of the sale of each figure will go to the artist, with the remainder going to the Obama For America Campaign. Art superstar Ron English will be signing his famous "Abraham Obama" posters (shown-right) at the show.

Via: here

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Getting Up Part 2.

Part 2 check it out.


Well I found some pics on Uberbot's blog of the Munnyocalypse show that was this past weekend. Here are the winners, please check the blog for more pictures, there was alot of awesome talent in the show.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

New Resistance 2 Video

The new Resistance game is to be released Nov. 4th 2008. And with the date alittle over a month away, there are some new videos being posted. Here is one I think shows off how much the graphics have improved for this game. I played alot of the original since it was a release game, and put alot of time online. This game is supposed to have single player campaign, separate co-op campaign, and then massive 60 player online. If your planning on picking this up add me on PSN name: Rsin

Kaws Storm Trooper

Today the release details for the new Kaws Storm Trooper were released on
Original-Fake. Date for release is September 27th. Neither price nor quantity have been determined at this time. I am sure these will go fast.
Pics taken from here

Dunny Trade 9.

So yesterday I got my little box in the mail from my last Dunny Trade. This box came from Dodgrr, in San Diego CA. This thing is awesome I am not really sure on how it was made, and taking some good pics of it was a little tough. But I remembered my mom had a lighthouse kinda like this that had a base that lighted up. So I tried to get the pics of it on the base so you can see it better. Either way this thing is awesome!

Here is a pic of what I sent out to Yates.

Getting Up.

Here's part one of the Getting Up Graffiti video, some good stuff here. I will post the rest of it throughout the week.


Monday, September 22, 2008

Scavengers Series 2

I totally missed out of the first series of these. I will one day have to hunt down series one, but now there is series 2. Kathie Olivas is becoming one of my Fav. artists. Her work on the last series of dunny's was awesome. Be sure to pick these up when they are released. Info taken from http://www.vinylpulse.com/.

Mindstyle's first Scavengers series from Kathie Olivas was a smash success. Given the high-quality of the figures in terms of the sculpts and the paint deco as well as the posh reusable gift boxes, it’s easy to see why the first series is arguably one of the finest art toy mini-fig series to date. It’s safe to say that Scavengers Series 2 will be very well received as well when it drops in October.

The second series features eight figures including the Lainey and Fernando chase (feat. an unmistakable pink octopus) figure, a collaborative piece combining the talents of Kathie and her husband Brandt Peters. Scavengers Series 2 brings Kathie’s beautiful yet sometimes harrowing original Misery Children artwork to life. Her paintings and sculptures recast the tradition of early American naive portraits of children into a dark post-apocalyptic world in which children are left to fend for themselves among a menagerie of mutated wild animals. They are observers of the unspeakable dark truth others can not or will not acknowledge. This imagined future world resonates on both a symbolic level and on a more a literal level perhaps foreshadowing an unspeakable fate. Be ready to score these when they come out as they should be quite popular.

Munny Time!

Here is the next Custom Munny, this thing is once again awesome. I have been doing customs for a year now and am still not sure how you sculpt like this. You did such an amazing job on the sculpt, and then the paint job is just as awesome. Check it out!

So tell me a little about your self?
I'm from San Jose, CA. I enjoy doing artwork ranging from traditional sketching all the way to 3d modeling. I am often inspired by art, comics, and films.

When did you first learn about Munny's? I first learned of munnys about 4 months ago. My cousin asked me what he should make his Munny into and I replied, "What the hell is a Munny." After checkin out the awesome work from the kidrobot forums, I just had to buy one and see what I could do.

Is this your First and what was the inspiration, tell me alittle about it? This is actually my second munny. My first attempt was a "Penguin" munny. That was tons of fun so I decided on doing another comic character. I really liked the old school x-men animated series and thought it would be fun to turn some characters into munnys. This wolverine munny is based off the old school color theme. I tried to go for basic saturated colors to give it that animated feel to it.

What type of paint, markers, ect. did you use?
For this munny I used Super sculpey, a variety of shaping and sculpting tools, a Rustoleum spray on primer, and a bunch of Liquitex acrylic paints.

Are your customs for sale and do you take commisions?
This particular custom isn't for sale yet. It is just one munny of an ongoing series. Once the series is completed and shown, they will be put on sale. I definitely do take commissions and am currently available for work. Feel free to contact me if you want any munnys done! Just email me at: admin@sethrobles.com

Is there a website or contact info for you?
http://www.sethrobles.com/ is my website. I will be posting my munny work there in the near future.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

New post coming Sunday night.

Got a crazy weekend here, I will be back tomorrow night with post. Got a brand new custom munny to show off. Look for them Monday.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

DJ AM And Travis Barker Critically Injured.

Taken straight from MTV.com I just woke up and read about this. Best of luck to those to guys.

DJ AM and Travis Barker were critically injured in a plane crash Friday night (September 19) in Columbia, South Carolina. They had just performed at a free T-Mobile-sponsored show in the Five Points area, along with Perry Farrell and headliner Gavin DeGraw. Farrell's manager, Peter Katsis, confirmed that Farrell was not on the plane; it was unclear at press time whether DeGraw was onboard.

According to Lynne Douglas, public information officer for the Columbia Metro Airport, the crash took place just before midnight on Friday and involved a private Learjet with six passengers onboard. While taking off, the plane, which never left the ground, began sending up sparks and skidded off the end of the runway through a fence separating the airfield from a nearby roadway. It then crossed the roadway and ended up in an embankment, catching fire on impact. Douglas said two passengers — who were later confirmed to be AM and Barker — escaped the aircraft while it was on the ground, while the other two passengers and crew members died in the crash.

Beth Frits, a spokesperson for the Joseph M. Still Burn Center in Augusta, Georgia, confirmed that AM (born Adam Goldstein) and Barker were transported to a hospital in Columbia, following the crash. They were transferred — AM by helicopter and Barker by ambulance — to the Still Center soon after.

Lexington County Deputy Coroner Brian Setree confirmed for MTV News on Saturday morning that three men and a woman were killed in the crash. Just after 10 a.m. Saturday, Setree identified two of the crash victims: the plane's pilot, Sarah Lemmon, 31, of Anaheim, California, and her co-pilot, James Bland, who was 52 and lived in Carlsbad, California. The National Transportation Safety Board has scheduled a press conference for 11:30 a.m., and more details are expected to be revealed at that time.

Former Blink-182 drummer Barker, 32, and DJ AM, 35, were the house band for the 2008 VMAs.

Fall Fest!

For those local kids I will be out at Frock on Penn Ave in West Reading today for their Fall Fest. Starts at 1pm, and I will be there til I sell something or get sleepy. I might be doing some live art. I also have a bunch of fresh new art I will be showing. Got something new in the mix, seems like every time I expand or evolve onto some other medium someone is always there to steal my style! Was going to keep this a secrete til I have the mass amount done, but I will be showing 3 of them today! I will be showing new work on this blog later this week. Hope all is well. ART NOT CRIME {610}


Friday, September 19, 2008

Obama Cola Classic!

This here is a Munny created by fellow artist Jared Cain. He is a Professional Graphic Designer based in Atlanta. I have been given permission by him to post pics of his newest creation. Here is a quote from him on why he made it, "Not intended to be any specific political commentary, merely an interpretation of Barack Obama using one of America's most iconic symbols." I like the fact that when looking at this piece you can see the overall picture of Obama and still pick out the classic Coke script. He even took the Obama logo and turned it into a coke logo. This is one of my Fav. munnys yet, just for the idea! You guys can reach Jared Cain at his Email

Dunny Design Contest

Well today was the day Kidrobot picked the design. First off let me say I am not angry cause I didn't win, but cause the winning design broke the rules. The rules for the contest clearly stated no more then 6 colors. If you used more your design would be thrown out. I made sure to read the rules, and follow them. So here is the winning design, as you can see (hell I am color blind and I can see 8) pink, red, green, yellow, blue, grey, black, white. Not to mention this design has been made already on munny's, Qee's, Trexi's, so its not so original. Oh well, I have spoke to other members who participated in the contest and they are just as confused. I have contacted Kidrobot and am waiting on a response. Either way you guys can look for this design on a shirt released from Kidrobot sometime soon!

Tomorrow Night, MUNNYOCALYPSE!

I found out about this show way to late to send anything in, but the show opens tomorrow night at 7pm. The show is taking place here:
N. Orlando AvenueSuite 126
Winter Park, FL 32789
For more info please visit Uberbotonline.com. If your in the area check it out.

Its me Mario!

So I was just messing around with Flickr and came across some awesome Mario art. This is by artist Justin White, aka Jublin. You can check out more of his art at Flickr. Here's Mario!

Far Cry 2

This week a few new videos were released for the upcoming Ubisoft game Far Cry 2. October is the month this year it seems all the good games are coming out. You got lots to pick from, Dead Space (14th), Saints Row 2 {14th), Far Cry 2 (21st), Fable 2 (21st) Little Big Planet (21st), Guitar Hero World Tour (26th), Fallout 3 (28th). Out of all them I will probably only pick up two or three of them. But Far Cry I have on preorder and the new videos got me wanting it even more. Check this one out.

International Talk Like a Pirate Day!

Ahoy! Who the hell knew, there was a International Talk Like A Pirate Day, arrg? Well today, Friday the 19th is that day. So now all you Scallywag's better be speaking Pirate the rest of the day ya hear!

New Labbits

Yesterday was the Release of 3 new 10" Labbits by artist Frank Kozik. You can buy these now at Kidrobot.com priced at $39.95.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Joe Ledbetter HammerHead!

Joe Ledbetter’s Hammerhead Tropical Red from intheyellow has just dropped exclusively on Joeledbetter.com. Featuring a kaiju-style red, silver, and yellow paint job this one is limited to 150 pieces and is available for $77.Here

My Little Pony's!

So awhile back I was told there was going to be a release of blank DIY My Little Pony. I have yet to see them anywhere but I seen you can get them on Amazon Here!

Anyway to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of My Little Pony, Hasbro, with Thunderdog Studios presents the MY LITTLE PONY PROJECT: 25 Ponies for 25 Years gallery exhibition @ the Chelsea Art Museum in New York City (September 18th / one-night-only) featuring diverse customs from designers: 123Klan / Catalina Estrada / Claw Monkey / Jon Burgerman / Junko Mizuno / TADO / Tokidoki / Junie Moon / Julie West / SuperDeux - to media personalities like: David Arquette and Courteney Cox / Leah Remini / John Stamos / Deborah Gibson / Amy Grant, LeAnn Rimes / Kimora Lee Simmons for Baby Phat / Lisa Pliner etc.

These twenty-five 18-inch My Little Pony customs will be auctioned off by CharityFolks.com in support of Give Kids The World Village. The auction will be open to the public between September 18 through October 2 - check out Here! [all pics via] Bid starts between US$250-$500-per.

Munny Time!

So I know this is something other sites do, and I don't want to copy, but there are alot of talented artist out there. And I want to offer a space where they can show off their work and maybe get some feedback. So the other day I was on a search and found the first few artist I wanted to feature. And here is the first, I went ahead and just asked a few questions. Please check it out, give me and her some feedback. And if you want to show work here let me know. Email me at Rsinart@gmail.com.

So tell me a little about your self?

My name is Megan and I live in Los Angeles. I grew up in New Jersey, went to school in Tucson AZ, then moved out to the coast. I love making all kinds of 3d art, especially masks, but I am starting to get back into painting. I love coffee, comic books, and the Steelers. My favorite color is green .

When did you first learn about Munny's?
I got one of Joe Ledbetters 'Finders Keepers' in a discount bin and that was the beginning of the end. Not long after I got into vinyl toys and onto the forums. I saw the custom munny's and was all 'I gotta try that!'

Is this your First and what was the inspiration, tell me alittle about it?
This was my first munny and almost immediately I knew I wanted to make a bull (who knows why, maybe cuz I'm a Taurus?). I think its because I definitely wanted to sculpt and I think horns make a beautiful silhouette. Once I knew that, I started to consider color. I thought of doing it red and fiery, and then the idea of Babe the Blue Ox popped in my head. For those who don't know their American folklore, Babe is Paul Bunyan's giant companion. I was excited about doing a character I hadn't thought of since I was a kid.

What type of paint, markers, ect. did you use?
Super Sculpty for the horns, hooves, and tail. I then used a spray primer before painting with acrylic. Last I did a matte seal and added fur for the tip of the tail.

Are your customs for sale and do you take commissions?
Babe was part of a munny trade party I did with friends, so he's not mine anymore. I would love to sell my customs in the future or do commissions.

Is there a website or contact info for you?
I make cute winter hats at Biteybeanie.com and can be reached at biteybeanie@gmail.com. I also do commission masks and you can see pictures at:
HERE! these Masks are awesome!
Check out the pics below, Megan did an awesome job on this Munny. Thanks for being the first one!