Thursday, September 18, 2008

Munny Time!

So I know this is something other sites do, and I don't want to copy, but there are alot of talented artist out there. And I want to offer a space where they can show off their work and maybe get some feedback. So the other day I was on a search and found the first few artist I wanted to feature. And here is the first, I went ahead and just asked a few questions. Please check it out, give me and her some feedback. And if you want to show work here let me know. Email me at

So tell me a little about your self?

My name is Megan and I live in Los Angeles. I grew up in New Jersey, went to school in Tucson AZ, then moved out to the coast. I love making all kinds of 3d art, especially masks, but I am starting to get back into painting. I love coffee, comic books, and the Steelers. My favorite color is green .

When did you first learn about Munny's?
I got one of Joe Ledbetters 'Finders Keepers' in a discount bin and that was the beginning of the end. Not long after I got into vinyl toys and onto the forums. I saw the custom munny's and was all 'I gotta try that!'

Is this your First and what was the inspiration, tell me alittle about it?
This was my first munny and almost immediately I knew I wanted to make a bull (who knows why, maybe cuz I'm a Taurus?). I think its because I definitely wanted to sculpt and I think horns make a beautiful silhouette. Once I knew that, I started to consider color. I thought of doing it red and fiery, and then the idea of Babe the Blue Ox popped in my head. For those who don't know their American folklore, Babe is Paul Bunyan's giant companion. I was excited about doing a character I hadn't thought of since I was a kid.

What type of paint, markers, ect. did you use?
Super Sculpty for the horns, hooves, and tail. I then used a spray primer before painting with acrylic. Last I did a matte seal and added fur for the tip of the tail.

Are your customs for sale and do you take commissions?
Babe was part of a munny trade party I did with friends, so he's not mine anymore. I would love to sell my customs in the future or do commissions.

Is there a website or contact info for you?
I make cute winter hats at and can be reached at I also do commission masks and you can see pictures at:
HERE! these Masks are awesome!
Check out the pics below, Megan did an awesome job on this Munny. Thanks for being the first one!

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