Monday, September 22, 2008

Scavengers Series 2

I totally missed out of the first series of these. I will one day have to hunt down series one, but now there is series 2. Kathie Olivas is becoming one of my Fav. artists. Her work on the last series of dunny's was awesome. Be sure to pick these up when they are released. Info taken from

Mindstyle's first Scavengers series from Kathie Olivas was a smash success. Given the high-quality of the figures in terms of the sculpts and the paint deco as well as the posh reusable gift boxes, it’s easy to see why the first series is arguably one of the finest art toy mini-fig series to date. It’s safe to say that Scavengers Series 2 will be very well received as well when it drops in October.

The second series features eight figures including the Lainey and Fernando chase (feat. an unmistakable pink octopus) figure, a collaborative piece combining the talents of Kathie and her husband Brandt Peters. Scavengers Series 2 brings Kathie’s beautiful yet sometimes harrowing original Misery Children artwork to life. Her paintings and sculptures recast the tradition of early American naive portraits of children into a dark post-apocalyptic world in which children are left to fend for themselves among a menagerie of mutated wild animals. They are observers of the unspeakable dark truth others can not or will not acknowledge. This imagined future world resonates on both a symbolic level and on a more a literal level perhaps foreshadowing an unspeakable fate. Be ready to score these when they come out as they should be quite popular.

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