Friday, October 3, 2008

Tristan Eaton Obama Posters

Seen this posted over at Vinyl Pulse, I know politics is a bad thing, but I am going to show my support for Obama, and show some awesome political art.

Tristan Eaton has created a series of posters for Barrack Obama’s Vote for Change campaign, which makes it easy to register to vote in the upcoming presidential election. The posters distributed primarily in swing states feature quotes from voters about the need for change and Tristan’s retro, powerful and slightly sarcastic illustrations. These score both in terms of visual appeal and their painful truth. Thunderdog have just put up a pre-order for an open-edition 4 color silk-screen print of the Working for Gas Poster (15" x 24”) for $40. This is the first of three print releases. Next up, a series of portrait posters curated by Thunderdog Studios featuring art from Demo, Filth, and Tes One.

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