Friday, October 3, 2008


Fellow artist Pottstar creates some awesome light up customs. Some of my Favorites are the ones with the masks. Please check out these awesome customs.

So tell me a little about your self?
My name is M.G. Litan and I'm from Laguna, Philippines. I love toys, music and art. I don't think I could do my designs without music pumping away behind me.

When did you first learn about Munny's?
I first learned about Munny's early this year when I started collecting toys.

What type of paint, markers, ect. did you use?
I used dremel to drill the holes, super sculpey for the masks and then used spray paint, markers and some glitters. For the light, I used LED bulb. These munnys can either be plugged into a USB port or a power socket.

Are your customs for sale and do you take commisions?
These customs are already sold. Yes, I take commissions.

Is there a website or contact info for you?
You can email me at and you can check all my customs at

Photos by PowerPee!

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