Thursday, January 3, 2013

2012 a review.

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Well its been another awesome year.  I am finally getting to that point where I am happy with the work I am putting out.  I continue to grow and learn with each custom.  December 2012 marked 5 years since I first touched a paintbrush, and a DIY vinyl.  Since then I have completed over 400 customs, and participated in many shows with some amazing artist.

One of the main reasons for me being where I am, is that the board members on this forum have given me the chances to explore, and create.  And because of that one big event took place this year, and that was the Agent K dunny release at NYCC.  Again thanks to everyone who came out, and those who have supported me from the start.

I got a ton of work for 2013, and two solo shows planned.  Gonna be a busy year.  To those I owe commissions, I am slowly working on them, I am not one to rush work just to get it out of the way, its coming.   :partyman:

Thanks again.

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bigtankjr said...

You are one suck individual. Epic work.

bigtankjr said...

I meant sick. T9 lol...